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    After years of steady achievement, we can offer a full range of state-of-the-art coffee machines about all concerns technology and design. In LaFaimac Research and Development department, we carefully study new solutions, making a complete cycle of production and test, taking the utmost care in whatever we do. When we state we are a leader company, we mean we can grant the utmost service, offered by our technical school and the quickness of our spare parts post-sale service. All of our dealers are can be considered the best ones you can meet, true advisors able to give you suggestions and follow you with precise aid.

    Our points of strength

    The strategic factor on which is based our business philosophy is to meet customers’ requirements and expectations. Training and education courses play for us an essential role: the know-how and the experience of LaFaimac’s experts are a special service for the customer, in an open and constant dialogue granting always the highest quality. In order to best answer to the requests of the final user, our customers can thus rely upon a staff of experts who organizes professional training course in Chieti, focusing on coffee machines and other bar equipment.

    Our products

    LaFaimac coffee machines are made with meticulous care by a staff of technicians who know very well the barista’ s needs, in order to obtain a product that can perform at his best espressos and coffee related products; and we do that turning roasted coffee beans blends in a superb espresso.

    LaFaimac : to get a delicious espresso we offer our best technology and you use your fancy art!

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