• Evoluzione

    Refined Art and Technics

    The “Evoluzione” model has a computer in its heart. With its sophisticated system, provided with microprocessor control, a four-dosage dispenser, easy to program safety-system, the “autolevel” function and its depressor, it represents the state of the art in reliability.

    Electronic version fitted with a built in microprocessor controlling all operations and providing volumetric dosage for coffee brewing, you can program 5 different doses per group automatically and independently. The main mark of this coffee machine is technology, no special experience is required, as a matter of fact they can brew a great espresso.

    The Evoluzione model is available, on demand, with increased height group, that allows to brew coffee directly in high cups, lattes, mochas, frappuccinos, mocaccitos and large cappuccinos. Every need turns into a simple gesture. In case you wish to use a cup, we provide you a high grid, it can be put under the brewing unit, in order to brew traditional espresso.

    Mod. 1Gr – 2Gr – 3Gr – 4Gr

    Technical features / Optionals

    Evoluzione Gr. 1


    Compres Evoluzione Gr 2

    cod. PFC0E


    Evoluzione Gr. 2


    Evoluzione Gr. 3

    cod. PFV3


    Evoluzione Gr. 4



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