• Evoluzione W

    Il doppio ripiano poggia tazze, permette di avere tazze da cappuccino, bicchierini, piattini ed altro sempre in ordine.


    Minimax Special

    Macchina per caffè professionale a 1 gr dalle dimensioni ridottissime.


    Evoluzione 4Gr.

    La raffinatezza, la tecnica. Il modello Evoluzione con il sofisticato sistema a quattro dosaggi programmabili


    La Faimac

    to get a delicious espresso we offer our best technology and you use your fancy art!


    LaFaimac is a company that, since the ’80, is operating in the manufacture of espresso coffee machines for bars, restaurants and hotels geared towards excellence, a quality cup of espresso and style.

    In a world where globalisation is spreading rapidly, we have proudly chosen to defend Made in Italy; as a matter of fact, our coffee machines are built entirely in Italy, using specialised techniques and the best raw materials, of Italian origin as well.
    A staff of experts designs all of our coffee machine models, considering customer needs; therefore, new lines and solutions are combined with customer satisfaction.
    Training and education courses play for us an essential role: the know-how and the experience of LaFaimac’s experts are a special service for the customer, in an open and constant dialogue granting always the highest quality.
    In order to best answer to the requests of the final user, our customers can thus rely upon a staff of experts who organizes professional training course in Chieti, focusing on coffee machines and other bar equipment.

    What we can offer you

    Brand new technological products, compact design, simple and functional automatism: these are all of the factors that mark the very new automatic LaFaimac professional coffee machines.

    • Made in Italy
    • Highest Quality
    • Training and education courses
    • Customer Service

    We are, therefore, committed so that our points of strength are reliability, a wide and constant offer of high quality products, immediate delivery either for booked products or new orders, and a first-class service to the customer.

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